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ICLI Weekend School Registration

Information and  Registration 

Assalamo Alaikum Dear Sisters and Brothers

ICLI Weekend School Registrations are open for Saturday School

To register your child/children, please click on the grade that your child/children will be in public school next year.  If the class is full, please enroll in the Waiting List.

For questions, please contact the ICLI office at 516-333-3495 or

Or Post your queries on the online Contact Form.

Payment options are cash, check or by credit/debit card at the ICLI office.


  • The curriculum consists of two subjects I love Islam and Mercy to mankind.
  • I love Islam textbook  gradually introduce Muslim students to the essentials of their faith and bring to light historical and cultural aspects of Islam.
  • Enriches students’ understanding and love of Islam through stories, poems, illustrations and activities.
  • Mercy to mankind acquaints students with the blessed life and character of Prophet Muhammad (s), so they may develop a deeper appreciation of his mission and message to mankind.
  • We help your child learn their obligatory salah according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah and learn short Surahs which can be practiced in Salah.



September to June:

Saturdays  9:50 am – 1:00 pm



To educate our children is our religious responsibility. We must make every effort to bring the light of Islam to our children with the help of the Quran and Sunnah, so they are able to follow Islam to their fullest capacity and enjoy peace and success in their lives as well as in the hereafter. Our Prophets are our role models and  Quran is the greatest gift of Allah (swt), So guiding children based on these principles will make their Duniya and Akhirah better, In shaa Allah .


Saturday Sessions:

New Moon



1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

9th Grade

Class F (Includes grades 10 to 12

Waiting List


The Registration for ICLI Sunday School for 2017-2018 is closed at this time. Registration for the school year 2018-2019 will open around the May/June 2018 time-frame.