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AFGHN-12819, Qala-e-Sabzi, Afghanistan, 2007. Donkeys grazing in fields.

ICLI Statement on Attack in Afghanistan

WESTBURY, New York (May 30, 2017) –

Islamic Center of Long Island strongly condemns today’s suicide bombing in Afghanistan that killed 90 people. Such an attack is absolutely prohibited in Islam.

Muslim scholars, academics, thinkers and political leaders have publicly condemned suicide bombings which is reprehensible in the Islamic tradition.

Suicide is strictly prohibited in the Quran and according to the Islamic law. Islam is a Religion of Peace and values all human life at a high esteem.

Our thoughts are with the Afghan people and the victims of this heinous terrorist attack. We wish God’s Blessings upon those who lost their lives, and convey our condolences to their families and wish a speedy recovery to the wounded.

Islamic Center of Long Island

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