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ICLI Boys/Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts is about sharing the fun, friendship, and power of girls together. Any girl—from kindergarten through 12th grade—can join ICLI Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts is the world’s largest organization of and for girls, currently encompassing 2.3 million girl members and nearly one million volunteers! Our troops here at ICLI since 2005 are unique because we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Muslim sisters. To help our Muslim girls learn more about their environment in a creative and interesting manner. The scout activities promote Islamic values, self-esteem and provide a safe environment under the peaceful light of Islam. Combining Islamic education with scout activity is our prime goal. This past year we did many events including our annual food drive, cookie sales, visiting a senior home and various community service efforts. One of the highpoints of our year was helping a family affected by Hurricane Sandy with donations and celebrating Ramadhan Iftar invited by County Executive Ed Mangano.