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ICLI Highlights 2015

ICLI Events Timeline Highlights: February to March 2015

February 10 – Jewish and Muslim High School kids for peaceful coexistence. High school kids from Temple Israel of Great Neck and Muslim students from ICLI got together in Westbury to write notes to high school kids in Paris while having pizza and soda.

February 22 – In honor of Women’s History Month, ICLI held an event at Garden City Hotel titled, “Honoring Muslim Women Pioneers”, to recognize the contributions of Muslim Women in leadership. The highlight of the event was the installation of Dr. Isma Chaudhry as the Center’s first female President.

February 22 – Mufti Farhan held his monthly lecture after Dhuhr prayers. This month’s theme was, “In Good Company – Exploring the Lives of our Pious Predecessors”.

February 22 – Informational session held after Sunday School about the Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament (MIST), organized by a Sunday School teacher, Sr. Fowzia Syed. An opportunity for 8th – 12th graders to sign up for annual, weekend long tournaments, consisting of Arts (Photography, graphic design), Knowledge & Quran, Writing and Oratory, Bracket Competitions (ie: debate), (ie; short film) and Basketball.

February 27 – Muslim Community of Nassau County (MCNC) donated 200 blankets to Long Island Council of Churches, and 50 blankets to Island Harvest of Long Island which will then be distributed to families in Hempstead recovering from a recent apartment building fire and to others in need.

February 28 – A community education series event at ICLI with Dawood Yasin, Dean of Student Life and Experiential Learning at Zaytuna College, titled, “Transformation with Meaning: Experiencing Real Change in our Journey to Allah”. He shared his journey of personal transformation through faith.

February 28 – ICLI’s 12th Annual Black History Month with the keynote speaker, Fred Brewington, Esq., a respected lawyer and community advocate with a distinguished legal career. This year’s theme was, “The Civil Rights Movement and Its Impact on Immigration”. Br. Habeeb Ahmed, Sr. Zainab Bey and Sr. Shakirah Idris coordinated the event which was very well attended.

March 1 – An all-boys video game tournament for Sunday School students organized by Br. Arif Hassan and an all-girls movie afternoon organized by Sr. Fawzia Syed, based on best-selling book, “The Book Thief”.

March 7 – Lecture on Balancing Career and Life Priorities with Dr. Jawad Abdul Ghani, Dean of LUMS Suleman and Dr. Arif Iqbal Rana, Associate Professor Operations Management of LUMS Lahore Pakistan.

March 11- Dr. Isma Chaudhry gave a lecture on Islamophobia at Adelphi University.

March 11 – Dr. Faroque Khan invited to Hofstra University to speak on “Islamophobia” at the 2015 Globalization conference.

March 12 –Dr. Isma Chaudhry represented ICLI at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Shelter Rock and spoke on “Islamophobia and Sharia”.

ICLI Events Timeline Highlights: March to May 2015

March 17 – Muslim Community Network (MCN) invited ICLI to be honored at their 5th Annual Gala. ICLI was unanimously chosen by their board of directors for being a model center that caters to the entire community, exemplified by the election of our first female president.

March 22 – Girls Scouts of ICLI held a cookie sale during Sunday school to help raise funds for ICLI’s expansion project.

March 29 – Monthly lecture by Mufti Farhan, “In Good Company: Exploring the Lives of Our Pious Predecessors”.

March 30 – Students and educators from Jericho Middle School came to visit ICLI to learn about Islam and how to combat Islamophobia in schools. The chat was led by Mufti Farhan and Dr. Isma Chaudhry.

April 2 – Br. Habeeb Ahmed attended New York Campaign for Alternatives, a state-wide effort with over 40 supporting organizations, to discuss humane alternatives to long term solitary confinement in New York state prisons and county jails.

April 8 – SUNY Old Westbury students taking a class on World Religion’s with Professor Alice Hunsberger visited ICLI for a tour of the mosque and presentation on Islam & Muslim. It was hosted by Dr. Isma Chaudhry.

April 12 – ICLI Youth Fundraiser at Bounce- Trampoline Sports. The trip was intended to raise funds for the expansion project via ticket sales.

April 26 – Congregants from The Sweet Hollow Presbyterian Church paid a visit to ICLI for their yearly confirmation class. Youth from their congregation must go through a process of educating themselves about other religions before fully entering the faith of their Church. It was led by Dr. Isma Chaudhry. They were also invited to join the End of Life Care program that was held later that day.

April 26 – C.H.A.T.– Conversations: Health and Treatments event hosted by Dr. Isma Chaudhry. Purpose was to empower adults of all ages – those who are healthy and those who are not – with information about advance care planning, should they be faced with an end-of-life situation.

May 3 – ICLI Youth Group organized a field trip to C&B Archery in Hicksville for Sunday school students.

May 8 – Bake Sale held after Jumah by home schooling group from Long Island called ILM to raise funds for ICNA Nassau Community Center located in New Hyde Park.

May 9 – Community Fundraiser Event for Building Expansion Project. Program consisted of guided tours of new facilities, fundraiser, service awards and dinner. Invited speakers included Dr. Zulfiqar Shah from Fiqh Council of North America and Mufti Farhan.

May 10 – First day of Quran Youth Group led by Sunday School teacher Fawzia Syed. This class was started after the teacher noticed that most of her students did not have the most basic surahs memorized which was also effecting their performance of the five daily prayers.

May 12 – Judi Bosworth hosted Town of North Hempstead’s 43rd Annual Senior Recognition Luncheon. The event recognized seniors who have helped shape our community over the years. Dr. Safdar Chadda was one of the seniors recognized for his long term commitment for Muslim and humanitarian causes.

May 17 – Mufti Farhan started offering Spiritual Counseling to fulfill a need of the community since the office receives calls throughout the week asking for religious advice.

May 17 – Seema Rahman, Sr. Noreen Kazi, Br. Sohail Nabi and the youth of ICLI attended the Long Island Interfaith Teen Dialogue at Temple Beth-El. Youth from different congregations got together for a day of dialogue while sharing pizza.

May 20 – Senior Award Ceremony at Carle Place High School. Representative from ICLI will be honoring one student with a scholarship for $200 for their efforts towards promoting tolerance and diversity in their community.

ICLI Events Timeline Highlights: May to July 2015

May 20 – Senior Award Ceremony at Carle Place High School. Award was presented by Ferozan Noori on behalf of ICLI to a student who showed exemplary service towards ethnic diversity and efforts towards eradicating intolerance in their community. Student was presented with a certificate and $200 check.

May 29 – Westbury Muslim Neighbors meeting held at ICLI to discuss things such as clean-up around the masjid, giving Eid gifts to non-Muslim neighbors and the three month training at the police academy.

May 31 – Mufti Farhan now available during office hours for Spiritual Counseling. Members can make an appointment to see the Mufti to receive advice from the Quran and Sunnah regarding personal family problems, marital disputes, concerns with financial situations and religious obligations.

May 31 – Taekwondo instructor who started offering lessons in September held a belt promotion ceremony with food and snacks. Those students who mastered all the moves, practiced throughout the year, were promoted to the next level.

June 1 – Senior Award Ceremony at Hicksville High School. Dr. Faroque Khan presented the award on behalf of ICLI to a student who showed exemplary service towards ethnic diversity and efforts towards eradicating intolerance in their community. Student was presented with a certificate and $200 check.

June 1 – Girls Scouts Graduation – badges were given out to scouts to recognize their activities throughout the year.

June 1 – Quran Class Graduation for students who consistently attended classes that are offered from September through June and showed improvement in recognizing Arabic letters, correct pronunciation and memorization.

June 7 – Sunday School graduation ceremony held in basketball court of new building. Each class took turns to present some significant thing they learned during the year on the stage to the parents that were in attendance. Many students were presented with awards.

June 9 – Senior Award Ceremony at Syosset High School. Brother Ennaji Benhammou presented the certificate and check on behalf of ICLI.

June 12 – Senior Award Ceremony at Herricks High School. Certificate and check of $200 was presented by Dr. Isma Chaudhry to a student involved in service towards ethnic diversity.

June 13 – “IC” Kids Moving Up Ceremony for the students who range in ages 3-4. Parents in attendance were very proud to see their children recite some surahs, nasheeds, numbers and alphabets both in Arabic and English that they learned throughout the year.

June 15 – Senior Award Ceremony in Jericho High School. Brother Asim Munawer presented the certificate and check to an exemplary student.

June 18 – First night of taraweeh prayers offered after Isha, led by Sheikh Nafae Mohammed Galal Abdel-Rahman El-Dib who arrived from Egypt. Bayan given by Imam Ibrahim Negm.

June 28 – For his monthly bayan, Mufti Farhan offered an important lecture on Zakat and how to purify one’s wealth.

July 1 – Herricks in-service course attended by Dr. Isma Chaudhry who spoke about Islam and its practices, rituals and sharia (service also took place on July 3 & 6).

July 1 – The Interfaith Alliance (TIA) held an event, “Celebrating Religious Liberty and Tolerance in America” to remember the nine church members killed in South Carolina. Imam Negm was one of the speakers among others from different faith groups.

July 2 – Interfaith Iftar – over 100 attendees from different faith groups attended the event. (Dr. Isma Chaudhry).

July 3 – ICLI held a ceremony in order to officially hoist the Unites States, New York State and Nassau County flags at our center and dedicated it in memory of the 9/11 victims. Dignitaries such as Senator Jack Martins and Westbury Mayor Peter Cavallaro were in attendance. The Star Spangled Banner was beautifully sung by Ahmed Chaudhry.

July 5 – Eid Bazaar with a little over 75 vendors selling everything from Islamic books, jewelry, clothing for men, women and children, hijabs, etc. to help community prepare for Eid by having all essentials in one setting.

July 7 – Dr. Isma Chaudhry invited to Molloy College to speak about “Sharia & Women’s Rights in Islam”.

July 8 – Dr. Isma Chaudhry had a speaking engagement at Little Neck Senior Center to give a talk on Islam and its holy places.

July 13 – ICLI was named among the top 8 spiritual sites in America by Next Avenue.

July 17 – Eid-ul Fitr prayers offered at Mitchel Indoor Athletic Complex with two prayer times, 8 am and 9:30 am offered by Hafiz Obaidullah Ahmad & Imam Ibrahim Negm, respectively. The whole community got together to celebrate and goody bags were given out to the children by Sr. Noreen Kazi and Br. Faisal Zakaria on behalf of ICLI.

July 19 – ICLI held an Eid Mela to mark the festivities of the Eid with lots of entertainment for the kids like bouncy, slides, goody bags and food vendors.

ICLI Events Timeline Highlights: July to September 2015

July 24 – DHF held a Financial Empowerment Workshop at ICLI in collaboration with various financial institutions to discuss topics such as Safe Banking, Budgeting, Credit Repair and Tax Saving Strategies in order to meet the growing social needs of the Muslim community.

August 4 – “National Night Out” in Westbury. Pro-Family event to discuss how to eradicate drugs in the community. Attended by Br. Habeeb, neighbors and youth of ICLI.

August 6 – Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now, lectured on Hiroshima and anti-nuclear causes. Attended by Br. Habeeb and Dr. Isma Chaudhry.

September 1 – Sunday School Teacher’s Orientation which included lesson planning workshop, student and teacher code of conduct, resources and classroom management.

September 3 – Br. Habeeb & Mufti Farhan attended Erase Racism’s first Interfaith Focus Group with different faith leaders to identity areas of mutual concern and points of action that can be taken in solidarity.

September 4 – Hajj Seminar presented by Ustadh Shaikh Suhail, who is the Imam of Masjid Bilal in Farmingdale. Via power point presentation he showed the attendees the rituals one must perform and the duas to be recited in each destination.

September 6 – Salaam Group Orientation led by Sr. Zainab Bey to welcome new brothers and sister to our faith and listen to lecture by Dr. Faiz Khan on the significance of Dhul Hijjah and Hajj.

September 11 –Town of North Hempstead held its annual 9/11 Memorial Service and extended invitation to ICLI. Dr. Isma attended and offered some remarks.

September 13 – First day of Sunday School.

September 15 – “IC” Kids Orientation with the new teacher Naveen Khokhar. This orientation gives the parents a chance to discuss the curriculum for the year, see the classroom and meet the teacher.

September 16 – First day of “IC” Kids.

ICLI Events Timeline Highlights: September to December 2015

September 19 – Sr. Seemi Ahmed presented a talk on misconceptions about Islam at the American Association of University Women (AAUW) in Manhasset.

September 24 – Eid-ul Adha prayers offered at ICLI with three prayer times, 7:30 am with Haris Din, 9 am with Hafiz Obaidullah Ahmad, 10:30 with Dr. Faiz Khan.

September 26 – Architecture students from City College stopped by for a tour and an opportunity to discuss significance of certain design aspects of the mosque with Dr. Faroque Khan.

September 29 – Dr. Isma Chaudhry presented a talk on “Myth &Misconceptions about Islam” at Great Neck Community Center.

October 1 – Dr. Isma Chaudhry had a meeting with Chuck Wexter from the local police department to discuss community relations.

October 8 – Dr. Isma Chaudhry was honored at the Women’s Fund of Long Island’s annual Women’s Achievers Breakfast for her interfaith activism and her dedication for empowering women of Southeast Asian backgrounds.

October 9-11 – Girls Scouts camped at Camp Blue Bay to learn camping and cooking skills.

October 9 – Hate groups called for anti-Muslim rallies to be held in front of mosques across the nation. ICLI management took extra precautions by hiring security guards and getting in touch with our local precinct who ensured full cooperation with the community. Fortunately no incidents occurred.

October 15-19 – Sr. Seemi Ahmed chaired a session, “Sharing Lessons from the Intra-faith Fight against Violent Extremism” at the conference of the Parliament of World Religions held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

October 17 – Br. Habeeb Ahmed attended a memorial service for Dick Goodman who was a longtime friend of ICLI from the Quacker Church in Westbury.

October 18 – Sunday school students expressed interest in participating in Haiti’s Water Bottle project, after Newsday ran an article about the initiative. Students collected over 6000 bottles of water which was then picked up by a local Haitian barber in Westbury.

October 23 – Meet the Author with Professor John Andrew Morrow who discussed his book, “Six Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of His Time”.

October 23 – Halaqah & Game Night held by Youth Committee for ages 13 and up.

October 24 – Girls Scouts visited Tenement Museum in NYC to learn more about immigrant roots.

October 25 – Inauguration of Interfaith Institute of Islamic Center of Long Island. The highlights of the program were, introducing the Institute as first of its kind for our Center, How American Muslims are responding to ISIS brain washing and hearing from a distinguished scholar Professor Andrew Morrow as to how the Prophet-pbuh-dealt with members of other faiths.

November 3 – Teachers from Herricks School District attended a talk with Dr. Isma Chaudhry to understand some of the cultural sensitivities they may encounter with Muslim students.

November 5 – Sr. Seemi Ahmed attended the annual Clergy Summit of North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System and was the first Muslim resident to have completed 1600 hours of Clinical Pastoral Education training.

November 6– Dr. Faroque Khan participated in a panel discussion at the 5th LGBT forum at SUNY Old Westbury. The attendees were mostly teachers and other educators from public and private schools who had a lot of questions and concerns regarding the issues faced by LGBT students.

November 6-7 – Br. Habeeb and Sr. Seemi Ahmed attended an Interfaith Service at the home of a member from Temple Beth-El to remember the victims of the Charleston shooting from South Carolina.

November 6 – Youth Committee monthly halaqah held, this time to discuss the importance of good companionship.

November 6 – Girls Scouts meeting held at ICLI to welcome three new scouts and to discuss the biography of the founder of GS, Juliett Low.

November 8 – Youth Committee held a meeting to encourage students 13+ and up to join the Muslim Inter Scholastic Tournament with weekend long activities in digital art, photography, prepared oratory, writing poetry, improv, short film and much more.

November 13 – ICLI Youth Group held a discussion on gratitude for young adults, ages 13 and up.

November 17 – Dr. Isma Chaudhry hosted students from SUNY Old Westbury who are enrolled in a course on Islam and Christianity to answer the many questions they have on Islam and Muslims.

November 18 – Dr. Isma Chaudhry hosted students from SUNY Old Westbury who are enrolled in a course on Islamic doctrine and history to answer the many questions they have on Islam and Muslims.

November 22, 29 – Pre-marital counselling now being offered by Mufti Farhan for couples considering marriage so that they can be advised on their rights on responsibilities and in which they will have an opportunity to discuss and solve points of contention.

ICLI youth donated Blankets, and contributed time and donation to various soup kitchens on LI. Helped St. Bridget’s and other Churches for the holiday dinners.