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ICLI Expansion Project

[Message from Dr. Faroque Khan]

I feel very fortunate in that I have been involved with ICLI since its humble beginnings in early 80’s and I have witnessed the challenges ICLI and the community faced over the past three decades. We are grateful to the pioneers who established ICLI, developed its programs and established its presence on Long Island. During last year annual dinner we shared the reasons and the plans for the major expansion of ICLI. The current space is approximately 8,000 sq ft, the proposed expansion will insha Allah add another 18,000 sq ft. This report will focus on the developments over the past year.

To refresh the reasons for undertaking this expansion project was primarily to meet the growing needs of the community:

Why the expansion:

  • Decent classrooms for children’s education-eliminate the ‘waiting’ list of students
  • Expand the pre K
  • Interfaith Institute which will be linked to national interfaith programs and to major universities – Hofstra which has an outstanding department of religion
  • Conference and meeting rooms for ICLI and the many organizations which use ICLI facilities for meetings – Interfaith Alliance, ACLU, LI Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives etc.
  • State of Art Library
  • Funeral arrangements with Islamic rituals
  • Seniors/retirees program
  • Food pantry
  • Last but not the least an indoor sports facility which will be available for women and men, plans are to host basketball league games and have facilities for board games – chess, carom, ping pong, badminton and a basketball court.

To oversee the myriad details regarding this expansion project the ICLI board created a special committee called the Expansion Steering Committee (ESC) which is charged with the responsibility of overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the expansion project which includes the construction, financing and usage after completion. The ESC meets regularly at ICLI and since inception has had forty one meetings, each meeting lasts about two hours and is attended by ten to fifteen members. By my quick non scientific calculation that adds up to 15-attendeesx41meetingsx2hrs equals 1230 volunteer hours !!!, the attendees represent ICLI board, executive committee and the general membership. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the members who participate in the ESC discussions. We welcome your attendance and participation at the ESC deliberations, if you like to attend kindly call the ICLI office to confirm the date and time of the next meeting.

Finances: Br Rizwan Qureshi oversee’s the financial aspects of the expansion project, so far – mid Oct 2013- ICLI has spent one million two hundred thousand dollars on the various expenses with architects, surveys, village fees and an initial construction payment of $718,000. In mid Oct 2013 ICLI has $796,000 available for the expansion project with an additional S762,000 in outstanding pledges. The total projected cost of the project is four million dollars.

Construction: Br Nazir Mir along with a group of engineers overseas the myriad aspects of the construction project.

What’s Been Accomplished So Far?

1) Approvals and Permits: All the required surveys/ permits have been obtained.
2) Million Dollar Parking Lot: Two ICLI owned homes were demolished which allowed the expansion of the parking lot. The cost of this additional parking was approximately one million dollars – cost of two homes on Talbot street and additional costs of demolition etc.
3) Estimates: The ESC committee reviewed several detailed proposals for the expansion project and after extensive review by the construction comm. headed by Br Nazir Mir a final contractor was selected, Br Ago Kolenovic and the General Contracting Corporation were selected from among several bids. Br Ago has advised ESC that the project will be completed within eighteen months to two years—insha Allah.
4) Br Rizwan Qureshi provided the following information regarding the financial status of the project: total pledged $2,499,000, total collected $1,737,000, to be collected $762,000. Total expenses to date $1,200,000 and available cash $796,000.
5) Telethon 6th Ramadhan 1434 July 14th 2013: As part of its multi prong approach for fund raising the ESC organized a three hour telethon on Sound Vision TV outlet. This show highlighted the accomplishments of ICLI and several active ICLI members participated in the telethon. In addition to raising some much needed funds for the project, the show also served as an excellent public outreach to individuals who do not frequent ICLI.

Ground Broken: In summer of 2013 after the completion of Ramadhan and Eid ul Fitr the construction of the project started with the demolition of the original building which housed the pre-k and the beginning of the excavation etc.

How You Can Help:

Keep the expansion project in your duaa’s and inform your friends and colleagues regarding this project which insha Allah will help institutionalize the presence of Muslims on Long Island.
If you have made a pledge for the project kindly fulfill it at your earliest convenience.
Your additional contribution, small or large will help complete the project on time.
Your suggestions regarding usage of the expanded space after completion of the project will be welcome.

Respectfully Submitted:

Dr. Faroque A Khan

Chair ICLI Long Term Planning Committee &
Chair ICLI Expansion Steering Committee