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ICLI Executive Committee Begins New Term

The ICLI Executive Committee begins its 2018-2020 term on Jan 1, 2018. The ICLI Executive Committee provides operational guidance and oversight for the ICLI Board activities.

The 2018-2020 ICLI Board Executive Committee members include:

Br. Habeeb Ahmed – President

Br. Amin Khwaja – Pres Elect

Sr. Zainab Bey – Vice Pres

Br. Faisal Zakaria – 2nd Vice Pres

Br. Mohamed Rasid – Secretary

Br. Rizwan Qureshi – Joint Sec

Br. Javed Munawar – Treasurer


The Staff & Members of ICLI wish to thank the outgoing President Dr. Isma H. Chaudhry and her Team for volunteering to serve in their important positions, and to help keep the Board moving forward with excellence.

We Wish the new ICLI Executive Committee the Best as they lead into the next term of excellence, in sha Allah!